Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Lovelies!!

Ok, so today was really crappy and I was in the hospital. But I got the best pick me up EVER when I got home!!

I have an obsession. The obsession is called Ruffled Flowers.
My dear friend Heather designed them and makes them all herself and by hand. 

Visit her shop at 

I received my newest lovely today

I even love the envelope! Handmade with love! 
Because it is. Duh.

This is what is inside of the envelope, cute huh!! 
But shouldn't we be thanking her?

This is where I get really excited!

Eeeep!! I can see its head!!

Ta Da!!! This one should have been named Lacey.
Just for the future, Heather, any reproductions of this one, must be called Lacey.
I know, these pictures are disgusting. But I think that for being in the E.R. for the last 5 hours I look pretty damn good!

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