Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Its the new trend. 
I see it everywhere. 
There are tons of parodys with it.
I love it.

It didn't start at Target.

Did you know that:  

During World War II in the UK, the British government produced posters that read ‘keep calm and carry on’ in order to keep morale up as much as possible during the war. The posters were never printed since the Germans never invaded the UK but the design was discovered earlier this decade, leading to a wide spread fascination with this slogan.

I, however, like this one today,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Its Been Awhile

I haven't been in the mood for writing typing or thinking. 
Its been awhile.
I don't like to talk about it and its not something that I like to think about. 
I have tachycardia.

Tachycardia comes from the Greek words tachys (rapid or accelerated) and kardia (of the heart). Tachycardia typically refers to a heart rate that exceeds the normal range for a resting heart rate (heart rate in an inactive or sleeping individual). It can be dangerous depending on the speed and type of rhythm.

It is something that is always on my mind. 
I have been hospitalized three times in two years with nothing abnormal. I just have a rapid heart rate. 
My last attack came on at night. I woke up and my heart rate was 130bpm. When it happened a second night in a row, I decided that I needed to go to the doctor again. I was prescribed a heart monitor. I wore it for 48 hours and had NO attacks. Figures.
They have done every test three times now. I am perfectly healthy. By heart just likes to freak out now and then. It is incredibly uncomfortable and scares me while its happening. But I need to learn to live with it and hope that I grow out of it. 
It is very common in women my age to have this and grow out of it. For now, they are going to test me for mitral valve prolapse.  
 Hopefully it isn't this. They will put me back on beta blockers. I hate them. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling paralyzed!! Eeeck!

I just have to remember to keep calm and carry on. 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

I know that I haven't been on for awhile. I have been going through a lot of medical issues and I do plan on blogging it in a few days. In the mean time, my friend blogged this earlier today and I think that it is a great cause and something that I know we can all do.

For more info, visit here

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Lovelies!!

Ok, so today was really crappy and I was in the hospital. But I got the best pick me up EVER when I got home!!

I have an obsession. The obsession is called Ruffled Flowers.
My dear friend Heather designed them and makes them all herself and by hand. 

Visit her shop at 

I received my newest lovely today

I even love the envelope! Handmade with love! 
Because it is. Duh.

This is what is inside of the envelope, cute huh!! 
But shouldn't we be thanking her?

This is where I get really excited!

Eeeep!! I can see its head!!

Ta Da!!! This one should have been named Lacey.
Just for the future, Heather, any reproductions of this one, must be called Lacey.
I know, these pictures are disgusting. But I think that for being in the E.R. for the last 5 hours I look pretty damn good!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Tim

I want you to meet Tim. 

This is Tim.

These are the things that you should know about him.
Tim is my best friend.
He keeps me in check. 
He revs me up and calms me down.
He has been at my side for the last eight years.
He loves his car and his Starcraft.
On that note, Tim is a geek.
He makes me laugh.
He is an amazing artist.
(he will deny this)
He doesn't know how to blow a candle out.
His eyelashes are to die for. (Any girl would be jealous)
He is, by far, the smartest person I know.
He sings to me.
I don't know anyone like him.
He loves me the mostest.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Not Dead

Its already Saturday? Where did this week go? 
I have been so tired this week. I don't know what is wrong. First my allergies kicked in full force. I had hives from head to toe and have been taking Benadryl like clockwork at night (hmmm, maybe that's why I am so stinking tired.) I can't eat wheat. Great. Tim's mom just gave me her bread machine.
So instead of what I would usually eat, I have been picking up fruit instead. Then what happens? Oh I start feeling like there is a lump in my throat. Not like my throat is closing  (although that did happen two weeks ago) but like there is this bubble that moves up and down and lasts all day. Turns out its acid reflux from the freaking acidic fruit!!!
I guess that I am going to lose weight before the wedding due to the fact that 
*clearing throat now
Now everyone at work is sick.Either they have some mutant cold or its this "come outta nowhere" flu. 

Can't wait for my turn. 

My luck will be some kind of disgusting cold with a flu so bad that you are forced to sit on the toilet with a bucket.

Needless to say, I bought 15 of these:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heading Out Today

Taking a trip to Grants Pass to see my friend and wedding photographer, Heather. 
Check out her work at 
I could stare at her pictures for hours. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My wish came true. There is snow.
I'm ready to play.
My luck. I work.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Dance is to Live

I helped a dance team find a costumes today. 
I miss this more than anything.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I love the snow. Maybe its because I am from the valley where I don't see a lot of snow. I crave it. As soon as I see one flake fall from the sky, I am planning how I can get out of work. Now, I know that it isn't going to stick, let alone last long. But I am gearing up. Snow pants, boots and jacket. Check. I am ready for anything. 
Anyway. This is what I dream of.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Barn Weddings

First off, I am very happy with the venue that we picked for our wedding. So don't think that I am having regrets. But here's the deal. I am obsessed with barn weddings. I love everything about them. I love the color of old barns, the large plank floors. The smell of the hay that used to line the walls. Argh. I wish that I would have realized my love before I booked my venue. But whatever, like I said, I am still very happy with my venue.
Le Sigh.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today I want to be on a farm

I love Farm Tables. Especially ones that have been painted. There is just something amazing about them. I only wish that I could find one small enough for my tiny dining room.

This is my dream dining room. Look at the amazing windows. Everything in the cabinets, even the cute things on top. I dream of eating breakfast here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I Blog

I don't know what I want out of a blog nor do I know what direction I want my blog to go. For now it is an outlet for anything that comes along. 

A friend told me that she likes seeing what I post on Facebook and that I should have a blog. She also said that she would follow it if I created one. Well, look what you did! Regrets yet? 

The name of my blog is a play off of what I love and my name. Frankly, I couldn't think of anything very creative.